Welcome to my digital scrapbook. Here on helensimkinsdesign.com you’ll find a collection of my travels, insight into what it’s like being a digital nomad, tips on how to travel full time, and how to elevate your own instagram. Wanderlust is often sparked by stumbling upon a beautiful photo and adding it to your bucket list. My goal is to encourage and help you to conquer your dreams and live the life you’ve always imagined, whatever that may be.

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A collection of my travels to inspire, evoke and cut your time in planning. Looking to cut down on your time researching and planning? Yet you also want to get the best experience possible at the destination you’re traveling to? Well, you’re in the right place! My goal in sharing my travel stories is to give you ideas and help you share in some incredible experiences when you travel!First thing’s first! Where do you want to go? There are SO many amazing destinations around the world and I’ve shared helpful tips on traveling to over 70 countries! Wanderlust is often sparked by stumbling upon a beautiful image of a distant place and adding it to your travel bucket list. If you’re interested in taking that dream trip, but need a little inspiration to pick which destination is right for you, check out some of my top articles on bucket list experiences for all types of travelers!


Escape to Wadi Rum

sleep under the stars in the middle of Mars


A Day in Aqaba

a tropical oasis on the Red Sea


The Wonders of Petra

more than just the treasury